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Tips to increase your property value

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, you have likely been considering about the ways to increase your property’s value.

The one uncontrollable thing we have with our homes is the location, however we have total control over our home itself!

As we all know, real estate is a very competitive market, so making a few changes could help you stand out from the rest and even get a better financial return.

Looks are essentially everything - from the time people see your listing to when they first walk into your home. 

I’ve come up with 10 different ways that may help re-energise and improve the value of your home. 



It is proven that a neutral scheme appeals to the widest range of potential buyers.

A fresh coat of paint can revitalise any home and can look fantastic in the listing photos. Even if you are happy with the existing colour of your walls, they may have gotten dirty over time.

Once a wall is painted, it makes the space feel new, thus could increase your property’s value.

Not just restricted to walls, but cabinetry and tiles can also get painted over if they are looking dirty, old or tired. All local hardware stores have a supply of paints that are tailored for those materials.


Outdoor spaces can be prime real estate.

Has your yard been a bit of an afterthought? A little bit of landscaping can make it the forefront of your property. Showing that your outdoor areas are prime real estate too, is great for prospective buyers.

Mow through any long grass, do the weeding, and discard any items, or rubbish, that has accumulated so that you can show a clean and manicured outdoors. It not only looks great but is an excellent selling point.


A well-maintained property will often signal to buyers that you are proud of your home and that it has longevity.



Making small and easy changes does not have to be expensive. Simple swaps are an effective way of making your home appear fresher.


For example, if your cabinetry handles are looking a little dated, updating them with some newer, modern styles is an effective and simple change. Although this is a small thing, cabinetry pulls are prevalent throughout a home and get used quite frequently. Prospective buyers will open kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, so new and secure handles remove any negatives.


Another simple swap is to replace your tap ware. Over time, your faucets can get dirty and appear to be grimy. Updating them with newer designs looks aesthetically attractive to buyers and makes the home more functional.


Young or old, families or singles, minimalists or maximalists — everyone loves storage.


If a home has ample storage, it will be mentioned in the property description, increasing attractiveness to potential buyers.

Cabinetry, shelving, robe hooks and rails, there are many ways you can add extra storage, even if it’s minor.



Lighting is essential in any home. It influences the mood and functionality of each room.


Good lighting can make a space feel bigger, as it illuminates corners of darkness. 


A general rule for lighting is to keep it ambient in rest areas such as the living room and bedrooms. Work areas like the kitchen and garage should have brighter lighting as you need to see clearly. 


Updating your light fixtures can make a home feel more appealing. Make sure you go for something that isn’t over the top and that most people would like.


Backsplashes can date a property.

If that date was in the last century, it may look a bit drab.


Replacing dated tiles with a timeless subway pattern can make your property more attractive.


Choose a colour that works with your interior scheme.



One of the top priorities for buyers is how functional the bathroom and kitchen is.

Make these rooms one of the top focus areas when trying to add value to your home.

Whether you add storage, kitchen accessories, new tap ware, a heated towel rail, or better lighting, targeting these areas will help increase property value.


One afternoon, take a stroll around your neighbourhood.


What kind of community lives there?

Is it a young and hip area busting with dynamic energy? Or a quiet, leafy suburb with a collective mindset to enjoy the slower things in life?

Understand the general characteristics of prospective buyers and how you can make your home attractive to them.


Also, take a look at the design of houses that are around you. What do you like about them? What don’t you like? See if there are ways to make your home more positively memorable like the ones in your neighbourhood.



Your property needs to be the king of the curb!


When people arrive at your property, you want them to feel like they have come home.

Revitalise the exterior with either a fresh coat of paint or chemical wash-down, clean the windows, tidy up the gutters, and make sure your letterbox is nice and clear. 


Often these minor changes make your home feel more inviting and display that you care for your property, which provides a great first impression.



The final point is clean!


Ensure that your home is neat and tidy, remove all unnecessary items, and use fresh decor to accentuate the best parts of your home.

A clean house is essential for property inspections, as a visually appealing house captivates a wider audience.

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